Our Marketing Plan

Our Marketing Plan

Bringing you the “BEST PRICE IN THE SHORTEST TIME” is the result of planned efforts, not random accidental events.

The Goals

To fully expose your property to entire the market as quickly as possible.
To make your property visible to every qualified buyer in the market.
To help you get “full market value” for your property investment.

The Planned Marketing Efforts

Our team takes many Action Steps in full support of these goals. These Action Steps plus our daily advertising make up our Marketing Plan. The Plan is well-defined, detailed and comprehensive; individual steps vary, but generally fall in the following categories:

  • Marketing Interview: 13 steps
  • Preparing for Marketing Actions: 4 steps
  • Active Marketing: 24 steps
  • Negotiating the Offers: 14 steps
  • The Closing: 26 steps

    We customize the Marketing Plan to meet your unique “wants and needs” – no two plans are the same, and we stay with you throughout the process, with attention to detail and frequent communication.

    The Result

    Your goals are met – and your cash is delivered to you


    Let’s get together at your convenience – call Lamont at 406-249-4997 or email lamontkinkade@gmail.com