Informed Sellers Guide

Informed Sellers Guide

When you decide to sell your property you will probably feel totally overwhelmed by all the legal compliance issues, the questions, the costs and the risks. It has become a complicated and perplexing undertaking. There certainly are expensive mistakes that can be made, but every year thousands of “Informed Sellers” receive full market value for their property when they accept an offer of help from an experienced “Professional Broker” who represents the “Seller’s Best Interests” exclusively.

The first of many essential services an EXCLUSIVE SELLER’S BROKER can provide is to help you better understand some of the issues you will face. That way you can make a better decision about how to pick the best Broker to get the BEST PRICE IN THE SHORTEST TIME.


Section 1 – Learn How Much Your Property is Worth Today
Section 2 – See “How to Compare Brokers Before You List”
Section 3 – Get a 30-Day Marketing Plan in Writing
Section 4 – Learn “The Language of Real Estate in Montana”
Section 5 – Decide Who Will Be Exclusively on Your Side to Bring You the Best Price
Section 6 – Review how our experience, achievements, background and qualifications are available to serve you

The “Sellers Guide to Real Estate Transactions in Montana” (Informed Sellers Guide) is yours for the asking – always FREE and With NO OBLIGATION. Call 496-249-4997 or email for your copy today.