Informed Buyers Guide

Informed Buyers Guide

Now that you have decided to make a Real Estate Purchase you may feel a little overwhelmed. The details can seem complicated and there certainly are mistakes that must be avoided, but every year thousands of “Informed Buyers” accept an offer of essential services from an experienced professional real estate “Broker” and successfully purchase the property they need.

The first essential service a Broker can provide is to help you better understand some of the many questions, problems, risks and costs that will soon confront you, and provide you with the answers you need.

As you come to understand the basic issues covered in this guide, you will be able to make more informed decisions about how to receive the professional services you need, get the consumer protections you deserve, and complete a smooth trouble-free transaction.


Section 1 – Understanding the Language of Real Estate In Montana
Section 2 – Understanding What Should be Disclosed to Buyers
Section 3 – Understanding Environmental Concerns
Section 4 – Understanding Survey and Title Insurance Issues
Section 5 – Understanding the Benefits of Home Inspections
Section 6 – Understanding “Real Estate Agents Disclosures & Recommendations”
Section 7 – Understanding “Relationship & Consents in Real Estate Transactions”

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